Review of Barre3 Online Workouts

I was not compensated in any way for this post. I really am a big fan of Barre3! All opinions expressed are mine.

I’ve tried so hard to get back into shape and I just cannot get myself to the gym (which is downstairs in our apartment building), or go out running. I’m not a morning person, so it takes a lot for me to wake up, get dressed and go somewhere to exercise. So, I’ve felt a little down on myself since this was the year that I was supposed to get back into shape.

My little area in our living room where I do my Barre3 workouts, with my yoga mat, chair and Barre3 ball.

I was having dinner with a friend of mine and our girls and she told me about Barre3 and how she does these unlimited online workouts at home for $15 a month and how she felt so long, lean and tight. I’ve tried so many exercise fads before: Physique 57, Bar Method, Pilates, Yoga, Spin, Aerobics (yup, step-aerobics, remember that?!?) and nothing has ever stuck with me. First of all, a lot of what I mentioned has been really expensive. Especially here in New York City. Classes can be $35 each.

Screen shot of what a Barre3 online workout looks like.

So, I did some research on Barre3 and found that their methods “their unique 3-step sequence creates the strength of an athlete with the long, lean graceful lines of a dancer.” They got me there already. Basically, it means that Barre3 uses a mix of ballet dance techniques, pilates and yoga and put together a very low impact workout to lengthen and tone.

They have three subscription plans for unlimited online classes:  $15 a month pay as you go; $70 for six months; or $120 if you pay for a full year — and they throw in a free Barre3 Core Ball. I decided to go all-in and do the $10 a month/$120 a year. I figured for $10 a month — that’s lunch on a typical work day— so I can do this.


Four Things I Love About Barre3:  

1. I can do Barre3 in my pajamas. And no one can stop me.

2. Even if I have 10 minutes, I can do a workout. (C’mon, you can find 10 minutes, too! No excuses!)

3. I don’t need a ton of crazy equipment. For most workouts, all that you’d need is a yoga mat and a chair. Some workouts call for 2 lb weights, which I don’t have so I don’t use it. (You own body weight works just fine!) Others ask to use the Barre3 ball. Before I got my Barre3 ball, I just used a rolled up towel. Easy!

4. I can literally do these workouts anywhere. I signed up when we had a family trip to Plymouth, Massachusetts; I used my laptop, I signed in to my account, and I chose my workout. I even did my first 10-minute core workout in my jeans and tank top! Barre3 also has an app that you can use on your smart phone. Haven’t used it yet, so I can’t tell you much about it, but it does have 10-minute workouts, recipes, wellness tips and more.

So, what are you waiting for? For the price of a $15 lunch or dinner, you can have a whole month of unlimited workouts!

Click here to check out Barre3 online workouts.