Right Now, It’s the Little Things That Count

Today is Day 4 of being a temporary-full-time Triple Threat Mommy since I was let go last Tuesday as the Director of Marketing and P.R. for a jewelry brand. I packed up my belongings (seven boxes!) and knew that this was the beginning of an amazing opportunity — an opportunity to assess what I really want to do. In the meantime, my first priority was to be with my girls.

For the past four days, I’ve come to cherish the little things that I have been able to experience with the girls — things that I couldn’t do while I was a working mommy. I’ve been able to do drop-offs for both girls, even playing “Ring around the Rosie” on the subway platform while waiting for the train. I am able to read books to S at her nursery school before class starts; I am able to speak to her teachers about her progress – something I never got to do; and I also get to linger for a little bit after drop-off and speak to the other moms and dads.

Picking up the girls I think is more fun than drop-off!  Again, its the little things for me at this point. Picking up S from nursery school and then bringing her home for lunch is so decadent! And seeing O’s face when I pick her up is priceless – more fulfilling than seeing a positive ROI on an in-store event.

Last Friday I was able to see how much S enjoys her gymnastics class and be able to talk to her instructor who told me that she is progressing really nicely and is a natural leader; he knows that he can count on S (she’s three!) to lead the rest of the group in their exercises when he is tending to another child who may be crying.  How proud I was to get that glowing report, and how blessed did I feel to have the ability to be there to witness it! I was able to watch her do her “cart wheels” and somersaults and “headstands”. I just felt so….lucky.

Today, I’ll pick up O from school, grab an after-school snack with her and guide her through her homework – something I would not have been able to do until later on that evening. I’ll then drop her off at a playdate because I do have to unpack the seven boxes from my office, but that extra 45 minutes of Mommy and O time means the world to both of us.

I don’t know whats going to be around the corner in terms of the next phase of my career, but for now, I’m making all the little things count a whole lot more.