Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Balsamic Vinegar

I love the fall not just for fall fashion layering, new fall boots and family holidays. I love it for the cooking and the baking! Like Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies or Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Cupcakes. Although I love sweets (a lot!) I enjoy simple and savory sides like Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Balsamic Vinegar.

I’ve used a lot of roasted brussel sprout recipes and have even cooked down balsamic vinegar into a syrupy sauce, but found that the below recipe makes for a quick, easy and tasty roasted brussel sprout recipe.

To cut down on the roasting time, I peel off the outside leaves (but don’t throw them out – they make really good brussel sprout chips when roasting!), cut off the end, then make an “X” at the bottom of the brussel sprouts.

I put them in a pot of boiling water for five minutes, then put them on a baking sheet drizzle with olive oil and salt.

Place into a hot oven and roast for 20 minutes with a quick shake half-way through. MMMM. Look at that golden brown color and those yummy brussel sprout chips!

As soon as its done, I put them into a bowl and drizzle with balsamic vinegar. Such an easy, tasty and healthy side for your fall dishes!

Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Balsamic Vinegar
Serves 4
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Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
25 min
Total Time
30 min
  1. 16-20 Brussel Sprouts
  2. 3 tablespoons Olive Oil
  3. Salt
  4. Pepper
  5. 2 tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar
  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
  2. Take each brussel sprout and take off the loose leaves. Don’t throw them away because they make good “brussel sprout” chips when roasted.
  3. With a knife, make a cross at the bottom of the brussel sprout.
  4. Boil in water for five minutes.
  5. Place in a sheet pan and drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and roast for 20 minutes or until golden brown. Make sure to shake the pan several times to get an even brown-ness on the brussel sprouts.
  6. When done, place in a bowl and sprinkle with freshly ground pepper and drizzle with the balsamic vinegar. Serve warm.
By Pam at Triple Threat Mommy

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