The South Street Seaport Restaurants Are Open

The South Street Seaport is usually one of the more bustling places this time of year. The salty air, mixed with the warm sun, makes it one of the best places to enjoy spring throughout NYC. Yet the South Street Seaport was hit extremely hard by Hurricane Sandy and it now finds itself pretty devoid of the vibrancy that had made it such a family-favorite for so long. Many places remain unopened due to extensive damages from the super storm with no official timetable for return (including The Gap, J.Crew, Abercrombie & Fitch, Guess and Super Dry.) That being said, hope is on the horizon for other places and after my visit this past weekend, I am happy to report that there are still fun things to do with the kids. Here is my up-to-the-second report on kid-friendly South Street Seaport restaurants!

  • Made Fresh Daily – is a lovely place where they use all natural ingredients including all-organic dairy and eggs. They have great coffee, a delicious BLT egg sandwich on a croissant, and their muffins are to die for. They are super-friendly and let you enjoy and linger.

  • Cowgirl Seahorse – this is one of our favorite places to go for our weekly Family Friday Night Out dinners.  They have an extensive kids menu (faves are mac & cheese and the chicken strips) as well as their chopped salad and ribs for the adults.  They also give out crayons to help out on the waiting time. Drinks come embellished with plastic mermaids which are always a hit.
  • Acqua Restaurant – Although this restaurant doesn’t have crayons or a kids menu, it still is family-friendly. What kid doesn’t like pasta? Just ask for spaghetti with a side of red sauce or plain pasta with butter. The bathroom is a bit on the small side, though and does not have a changing table.

  • Fresh Salt – Although this place is really a bar, it does have a decent brunch that has eggs, French toast and mac & cheese which any kid would enjoy. They don’t have high-chairs, though so the little ones could sit in their stroller.

Slowly but surely, the South Street Seaport is re-opening for business

With all that is going on in the world, it’s so important that we don’t forget about how hard some areas were hit during Hurricane Sandy. As New Yorkers, it is our obligation to pick each other up when times get tough. It’s a great lesson to teach your little ones and you can even have a good time in the process.

So, support The South Street Seaport! There are many family-friendly places, plus you can also work off what you eat at nearby Imagination Playground or Pearl Street Playground!