“Almost Lasagna” Recipe is a HIT!

The “Almost Lasagna” was a hit.  The Hubby has eaten it a handful of times this week for dinner, I had it for lunch today and the kids had it for dinner/lunch at various times during the week.  The marinated chicken was just as moist this evening over a salad.  Healthy I must admit, although, my stomach is already starting to growl.

We have maybe one more meal out of the “Almost Lasagna” and then we’re done.  What else to do? Any good, easy recipes that could last for a handful of days and could serve for multiple meals?   Something that we all will love and eat, and perhaps something that I can pack up for lunch – and it has to be easy and somewhat healthy.  Any recipes let me know!  I’ll share with you my favorite seasonal chocolate chip cookie in a few days!


Triple THreat Mommy