Things to Do at The Manhattan Youth Downtown Community Center

The Downtown Community Center, located at 120 Warren Street between the West Side Highway and Greenwich Streets, has finally put together an easy-to-read Members Drop-In Schedule [click on this link, and then click on the 2010 Drop-In Schedule hotlink] that provides a daily list of activities available to members, complete with the time, the target age for the activity, an activity description and whether or not the activity is included in the monthly membership or if a small fee is involved.

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Some of my family’s favorite activities:

  • Swimming in the indoor heated pool. We love going to this pool.  It’s such a great way to get exercise in for the whole family, winter or summer.  The DCC has Family Swim Monday – Fridays from 9am-12pm and from 7pm-8:30pm; on Saturdays and Sundays Family Swim is from 9am-12pm and from 2am-4:30pm.  Just a refresher on what to bring other than towels and your bathing suit:

    • Goggles: there’s a lot of chlorine in the water, as there should be.  A lot of kids = a lot of germs
    • Swimmie Diapers: The DCC does have an emergency stash, but you should bring your own.  I always felt guilty when I forgot my daughters.
    • Flip-flops: when you want to take a shower, you want to be wearing flip-flops instead of walking around barefoot.  You just feel cleaner if you’ve got the flip-flops.
    • Shampoo, body wash and washcloth / pouf: They supply soap, but if you want to be clean, bring your own stuff.
    • Blow-dryer: In this weather, you have to remember the blow-dryer.
  • DCC Clubhouse. This is a great place to go for the 5 and under set, although our 7 year old seems to enjoy spending time here as well.  They’ve got a small ball pit, a toy kitchen, a house with mini-slide and one of those little roller-coaster cars.  It’s great for a cold day, rainy afternoon, or a pre- or post-swim.
  • Adult Yoga Classes. Included with membership are adult yoga classes, which are on Mondays at 9am and at 7pm. I’ve only taken the 9am yoga once, and it was a fantastic class.  I highly recommend it.  My only wish is for them to have more night time and/or weekend adult fitness classes to support the working mommys and daddys! Currently  their fitness class schedule is the following.

    • Mondays.  9am and 7pm.  Adult Yoga
    • Tuesdays. 9am. Adults Core Strength
    • Wednesdays. 9am. Adults Pilates Mat
    • Thursdays. 9am. Cardio Fit.
    • Fridays. 9am. Ballet Core Fusion

So, check it out. There’s lots to do at the Downtown Community Center in Tribeca!