Trying to Get Healthy and Fit

The last time my body was in pre-baby shape, it was four year’s after O’s birth. I gained 52 lbs in my first pregnancy and I had a c-section which just wrecked my stomach muscles. After some consistent time working out,  I got my pre-baby body back. It took four years, but I did it. It had only been a month or so and then, I got pregnant with our second girl. She turned out to be a HUGE baby – she was 9lbs 5oz when born! Needless to say, I had a second c-section and my stomach muscles were further wrecked.

I’ve tried many classes to get back in shape. I’ve tried Real Pilates NYC (which has fantastic Pilates classes that are reasonably priced), Yoga and Pilates in Tribeca (which also has great classes, and even cheaper classes – $16/class!), Physique 57, Bar Method (love this class – wish it wasn’t so expensive), Soul Cycle  (I am just not a spin person) to biking and doing the elliptical in our building’s gym. Nothing seems to stick!

At a recent Momtrends Living in Style event that was held at the Exhale Spa in the Gansevoort Hotel, I had a chance to try out their Core Fusion class. To me, it seemed to be a mixture between Bar Method and Physique 57. It was more enjoyable than Physique 57 and more challenging than Bar Method. According to their website, core fusion classes “combines core work with Pilates, yoga, ballet and dance principles to stretch, tone, and lengthen muscles.” Whatever it is, the class kicked my butt – but in a good way.

During the warm-up, I’m thinking, “OK, I can do this…”


The look on my face foreshadows what’s to come. 

The bar portion of the class where you work out your thighs, legs and bum were, to me, the hardest. 

I left the class and my arms and legs were like jelly. I could hardly walk down the subway steps without falling. I did have that “it hurts so good” feeling for a few days after. But let’s be real, since that class, I have not stepped into a gym, which I am bummed about. The week before the event, we had a family vacation in Florida, which broke my two-month going-to-the-gym streak. I was hoping that the class would jump-start me back into working out. But life gets in the way and…you know how that goes…

To give myself something to aim for, I’ve signed up for the BlogHer 2012 5K run in August, so I have no excuse but to get in shape. I’m not a runner, so I need to get in to a schedule, train and work out. So who is with me? I need some in-real-life  as well as online support encouragement and support. Who wants to get in shape with me this summer??

AND, if you are one of those people who consistently work out,  please tell me how you do it? Do you have a schedule that you stick to? Help!


Triple Threat Mommy

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