Warm Clothes at Tent and Trails on Park Place!

Now that we’ve become fans of a winter sport (ice skating – read below), we’ve had to find some warm clothes – fast.  We usually get our warm weather gear from Lands End,  so we were set with warm coats, mittens and even snow pants, but from what I remember from skiing, you need a good pair of warm socks to help keep you going for hours either in the ice skating rink or on the ski slopes.

The Tent and Trails Store at 21 Park Place, Tribeca NYC. Photo courtesy of www.lowermanhattan.info.

Olivia and I first went to Modell’s on Broadway – no such luck.  I asked my husband if there was any place else and he said, “Tent and Trails” which is located at 21 Park Place between Broadway and Church – right on the way to the Battery Park Ice Skating Rink! What a great store!  As you can infer from its name, its really a hiking store, but they have all the warm weather gear that you need. We picked up a Mountain Hardware hat for Michael and they had a wide selection of socks, even a few styles for kids. We picked up a pair of kids Smartwool socks for a little over $8.00. A bargain considering it kept Olivia’s toes warmer than any two pairs of cotton socks ever could!  Just also a fashion note:  they have a good selection of UGGS at the store, so if you don’t feel like ordering online or trekking to SoHo, check out Tent and Trails first!

I’ll be making another trip to Tent and Trails this week as I’m sure that we’ll be going skating multiple times at Battery Park City Ice during the long weekend!