We Were Part of the Ralph Lauren Gang Party, Class of 2012

Spring has sprung and spring break is just around the corner, which means out with the winter clothes and in with some fresh fashion! Between the weather getting warmer (it never really got cold and snowy here in NYC), and our family trip to Florida in a couple of weeks, its time to get the spring fashion shopping on for the girls. Luckily, we were invited by Momtrends to go to Bloomingdales to check out the Spring 2012 children’s collection from Ralph Lauren and watch the new Ralph Lauren Gang, Class of 2012 video.

At the event, we were treated with some iced tea and cupcakes while a stylist helped O pick out some items from their Spring 2012 collection.

At the event, O was created her very own personalized Flipping Fun Book. She had a fun making it, but had even more fun sharing it with her friends the next day!

Since O is now officially a tween (yipes!) she has let go of the pink and purple in her wardrobe for a more sophisticated palette of neutrals like greys, browns, navys and black (she’s SUCH a New Yorker!). We bought styles from Ralph Lauren’s collection that were in the navy, cream and olive palette. Her favorite is the olive cardi which she has worn almost every day (no joke) since we bought it last week!

Yay for Spring! What are your kids Spring must-have’s??


Triple Threat Mommy

Read Momtrends’ post about the event HERE.

{Triple Threat Mommy was compensated for this post. My daughter and I attended the Momtrends event and received a giftbag.}