Whole Foods Tribeca Coupons

I think that Whole Foods Tribeca is a great place to go food shopping.  I just know that they have a well-edited stock of fresh produce, seafoods, meats and grocery products.  Going to Whole Foods helps me not have to think if the package of graham crackers that I just put in the cart has hydrogenated oils or not.  One less thing to think about for this Triple Threat Mommy.

Artwork courtesy of www.wholefoodsmarket.com

You can, however, pay a premium for the high quality, natural and organic products that Whole Foods offers, but they do give you a break. I just checked out their website and they have a link for Whole Foods coupons!  Click on the link, check the products you want coupons for and print them out!  Currently, they have coupons for $1.00 off of Bear Naked products, Lifeway products, Organic Valley Soy Milk, Method Products, DeLallo Whole Wheat Pasta and Muir Glen soup.  I did use the coupon for the Muir Glen soup this evening and when I checked out the coupon actually added a $1.00 to my bill instead of taking a dollar away, so the store manager had to come and help out, but it was quickly fixed.

See? Now eating naturally and organically doesn’t have to break the bank.